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eZone : Acceptable Use Policy

Now is a good time to review the Acceptable Use Policy and understand exactly what is deemed acceptable use in Ivey's computing environment. You must read, agree to and electronically indicate your acceptance of this policy before being allowed access to eZone and using any Ivey computing related resource. Richard Ivey School of Business at The University of Western Ontario requires that all users read carefully and agree to the following policy.

Code of Behaviour for Computing Resources:

Ivey's computing resources are acquired, and are allocated to groups and individuals, for specific academic and administrative purposes in furtherance of the School's mission.

All users are responsible for assuring that these resources are used in an effective, ethical, and lawful manner to fulfill that mission.

Those in a position of authority who allocate computing resources to groups and individuals have a responsibility:
  • 3.01
    To take all reasonable measures to assure that their user community is aware of and complies fully with these policies.
  • 3.02
    To ensure access to appropriate appeal procedures to resolve grievances which may arise in the enforcement of these policies.

The Ivey Business School expects all members of this community to conduct themselves according to the high standards of professional ethics and behaviour appropriate in an institution of higher learning.

Copyright and patent laws protect the intellectual property of authors, inventors, and software developers. The members of this community will comply fully with both the letter and spirit of the law with respect to copyright and patents to honor intellectual property rights.

Activities will be conducted in such a manner as to preclude any form of dishonesty, such as theft or misappropriation of computing resources, e.g. equipment, data, programs or time.


Any attempt to, or violation of this code is unacceptable behaviour and may be subject to Ivey Business School sanctions (including but not limited to the loss of access to computing resources), civil liability, and/or prosecution under the Criminal Code.


The following, which is not exhaustive, are examples of unacceptable conduct:
  • 8.01
    To use computing resources for purposes fundamentally different from that for which they are allocated.
  • 8.02
    To give, sell, or otherwise provide computing resources to individuals or groups which do not have explicit permission to use them from the authority which allocated them.
  • 8.03
    To inspect, alter, delete, publish, or otherwise tamper with files that the individual is not authorized to access.
  • 8.04
    To engage in any action which unfairly denies or restricts the use of computer facilities to other authorized users of those facilities.
  • 8.05
    To store or transmit offensive material on or through an Ivey computing resource. E.G. - offensive image files stored or transmitted through utilities in eZone. The Richard Ivey School of Business adheres to the University of Western Ontario's Senate policies on subjects such as: sexual harassment and race relations. More comprehensive listings and the full policies can be viewed here